Being on Brand isn’t an afterthought. It underpins everything we do.

Our brand is important to us and so is yours. That’s why we strive to make every part of your event relevant.


We research locations in depth, enabling us to pull out as much relevance as possible, when linking it to our client’s content for their events. This is only achievable with a company that has a real passion for London, history and the history of London.

During our time in events we’ve tasted offerings from nearly all the top caterers in London and worked with most of them first hand. They should all make great food, they should all deliver it to guests without any hassle. Providing they nail the obvious, it’s the presentation that will make the guests go home talking. Making this relevant to your event takes creativity and flair.

Creativity and Flair

Our events have included some of the latest technologies available to the market, helping us produce some of the most ‘off the wall’ concepts in the industry.

We only partner with other companies with a similar mind-set and passion for pushing the barriers and breaking the mould.

At a Glance:

  • – On brand venue finding
  • – Luxury travel
  • – Accommodation
  • – Entertainment – Live bands, performers, presenters
  • – Catering – We recommend caterers specific to your event
  • – Production & theming – Never an afterthought. Our partners will help deliver your message
  • – Nightclub tables – Access to the most exclusive clubs in London
  • – Ticketing – VIP treatment at the races, football, formula 1