Where the Shouting Started

During our time managing and marketing high-end corporate venues, we worked direct with some of the biggest brands in the world. We also dealt with an exorbitant amount of agencies.

Whilst some of these were well versed, business minded events professionals, the bulk were under qualified and under prepared.

We decided to conduct market research of some of our biggest customers.

We asked them: “What are the things you dislike about agencies?” – essentially, why they felt like they had to come to us direct, instead of getting someone to do the work for them.

It is research like this that helped us understand that, despite the market being saturated with agents, we could fix a few problems by doing things a little different.

Our clients’ previous objections to agencies:

1. They always put forward the same venues
Our team can proudly rock the cliché: finger on the pulse. We’re invited to openings for the coolest venues, the best hotels, the edgiest clubs, the most luxurious restaurants. And we take our market research very seriously. Cheers.

2.They don’t understand the brief
We’re all about the brand. The more we can delve into what you want to gain from an event, the more relevant we can help you make it. As John Ruskin said “To be able to ask a question clearly, is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered”. If we communicate the right questions, you can give the right answers.

3. We were worried we weren’t getting the best pricing
We receive preferred rates from our suppliers (because they love us).
We also negotiate on your behalf (because we love you).

4.They just sent us some options and left it to us
Part of our job is to make sure the client is asking the right questions. Knowing the little quirks in each space and ensuring there’s no extra costs for: Wi-Fi/power/breathing. We’ll be there every step of the way.

5.They recommend suppliers that end up being unreliable
We are all about the brand experience. Finding the right venue isn’t enough. You need the right production team that understand the project and deliver it seamlessly. The right caterer, that not only deliver great food, but also present it in a relevant way. The theming, the entertainment, the staff – it all matters.

If you want advice, get expert advice… or it’s just noise