So, No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way! (part 1) by admin on July 31, 2018


George Wood went from acting with SClub8, via a broken leg, to launching the longest running open air cinema in London. Luna Cinema screen movies at a who’s who of iconic London landscapes, including Kensington Palace, Holland Park, Hampton Court Palace and even the Moat at the Tower of London. More recently they’ve partnered with Comedy Central to produce ‘Friends Fest’; part immersive experience, part fan convention, and part exhibition; dedicated to one of the most loved shows in TV history. Hear how a waxed chest, a broken leg, Orlando Bloom and a blagged phone call, took George from life in front of the camera, to behind the scenes producing his own acclaimed experiences.

00:35 recap of last week 01:40 What we’ve been up to this week 02:34 Who is on this week 03:00 George Wood in the studio 05:15 George’s background in TV 10:52 His first exposure to open air cinema 14:10 How ‘breaking a leg’ changed the course of his life. 14:50 The first Luna cinema 18:10 Is there such thing as luck 19:44 The development of Luna over the last ten years 23:17 How the Hilton Double Tree ruined Stuart’s night at Luna Cinema 25:18 Friends Fest and how it began 28:08 the importance of Nostalgia at Luna and Friends Fest 29:20 What is Friends Fest 33:05 Fans voted best moment in Friends 35:53 Is Friends overrated? 39:16 Game of the Week 46:02 Luna Kids 46:45 A little movie chat 50:10 The Weekly Shout 54:03 how to reach Shout About48:00 Anything to announce – the next launch 48:34 Three favourite bars in London 51:43 Social Media 52:53 A recap of Aurea London 53:30 The Weekly Shout 01:01:48 Weekly Thanks

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