The Battle of The Senses (with Aures London) by admin on July 23, 2018


Sometimes music helps you reach such an elevated state of consciousness, not only can you hear it, but you can see it, feel it and even touch it! The Sensorium by Aures London is the world’s first five sensory event space. The audio alone is like standing in a set of the best headphones you’ve had. Imagine now, the floor sending frequencies surging through your body, whilst visuals are brought to life in hologrammatic likeness and all the while you can smell, or even taste, what you’re looking at. Phase 1: audio, is already complete, before long this could take over your reality.  This week Sam Davis, founder of Aures London, talks his journey in business, about his obsession with audio; and of course, takes part in our most ridiculous ‘game of the week’ yet!

00:40 Shout About’s 5th Birthday 01:33 A recap on Draughts 03:05 Since last week 06:00 This week’s episode with Aures London 07:05 Sam Davis in the house 07:40 Being a sommelier for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen 11:24 Sam’s background, from hospitality to furniture hire and audio 18:34 What is Aures London 22:43 Financials 23:44 The process from inception 24:25 Adding more sense 28:40 What will the site develop to in phase two and three 33:35 Biggest challenges 36:33 Biggest success so far 36:54 The Bugsy Malone confusion 40:22 Game of the week – the audio challenge 46:42 What’s coming up at Aures 48:00 Anything to announce – the next launch 48:34 Three favourite bars in London 51:43 Social Media 52:53 A recap of Aurea London 53:30 The Weekly Shout 01:01:48 Weekly Thanks

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