Which venues to Shout About

The events industry is littered with venues that claim to be ‘perfect for every event’. The truth is: most venues aren’t ‘perfect’ for any event. As with any business decision, it’s all about trade-offs. We understand this and appreciate every venue we’ve ever been to has countless strengths and, depending on the brief, many weaknesses. By looking closely at what each venue has to offer, we can fully comprehend their position in the market. This helps us establish their strongest selling points and their suitability for each client’s specific event. This all starts with understanding each brief, brand and client before ‘recommending’ anything.

The future of venue finding is not online. Some companies believe the future of venue finding is in on-line algorithms. But ask yourself this: what are the most frustrating things about dealing with an agent? Our prospects say it’s being recommended the same old venues and often totally unsuitable spaces. After all, how can you recommend a venue if you’ve never been there? How can you trust a website to provide you with the ‘right’ location, if the searches are directly linked to the amount of money spent by each venue. We believe the future of venue finding is in matching the brand and working with specialists in every area – that’s one hell of an algorithm.